Silence with Kingfisher

It’s the common Kingfisher or small blue Kingfisher. A shy bird. Sparrow-sized, usually living in and around Eurasia & North Africa. They have a long bill, distinguished bright blue top with a white lining and bottom with orange feathers. They are usually resident but very few types migrate where rivers freeze in winter. This is their […]

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Cassava Leaves Sprouting

Cassava is also popular by name ‘Tapoica’, and lavishly serves the world as it’s the 3rd largest source of carbohydrates in meals. Nigeria is the largest producer. It’s an annual crop in the tropical and sub-tropical areas on the planet for it’s treasure lies in the starchy tuberous roots underground. And it’s tasty when cooked […]

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Polo – The King of Sports!

Polo is a team sport and a first look says it’s a hockey played on a horseback. A polo match is played between two teams and each team has four players. It’s field is the largest of organized sports—sizing almost up to nine football fields (300×160 yards)! It’s interesting to know that players cannot play […]

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Macro Monday: ‘Going Buggy’

Bugs cannot be ignored… In fact I came to know that there are about 300 thousand species of beetles alone.  Beetles are part of the larger class ‘Insecta’– the most diverse type of animals on Earth (Insecta class has more than a million species! ). Some type of beetles have a metallic-colored wing which are used in jewellery. Cool eh? The heaviest […]

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The “Norway” of Arabia

The exclave of Musandam peninsula of Oman is sometimes called as “Norway of Arabia”, with several fjords (pronounced as fyôrd) around its panoramic coast. Fjords are long narrow deep inlet of sea between steep slopes.  But I could make only a slight comparison with the picturesque fjords of Norway. During the past epochs, Oman was covered by […]

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18th Century Simplicity

This photo makes me think about how simple an architecture can be. It has the looks of Arabian architecture of the 18th century times, though totally ignoring the happenings of Industrial Revolution rocking at that time. This was taken at the Rainbow Sheikh’s car museum, in Hameem, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Who knows whether this structure […]

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