It’s green. Let’s go…


Let me start this blog with green. The green with a color of life in it.
The green that promises vitality… In fact there are more than fifty shades of green itself.

Nutmeg tree leaves with sunlight spread

This is a Nutmeg tree. The morning sun imparts a special vibrance
to its leaves leaving a floating apple-green shade.

Nutmeg is widely used fragrant spice in many international cuisine.
It is cultivated in Indonesia, Malaysia, and also in the South Indian edge-Kerala. 
I took this pic from a farmland in Kerala. Here it is called as Jathipathri or Jathikka.

Nutmeg is actually seed of the tree. It has peculiar properties –
mild doses in dishes can give sweeter flavour;
more-than-mild doses of its intake can cause intoxicating effects; and
careless overdoses can even kill a person!



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