On the Far Side of a Restful Village…

Innocence of a calm village is best experienced when we take a tension-less walk,
unaware of time, just looking around at all the things nature have opened for us.
I took such a walk on the far side of a village near Nilambur in Kerala, South India,
before last winter. Here are some of the cooling shots:

Through the village towards the farlands, I walked on,
over the pebble-paved walkway with a small camera in hand.
The pavement appeared to be completely blended with the nature there.
I saw some teens playing a local version of cricket in the backdrop.
And several birds were present to cheer them up!

A stony walkway

The walkway led to a path beside a tributary of an ancient river.
Soon I’m crossing this sleeping river floored with massive pebbles.
Yes, the water was chill…

Water mingle

I crossed the river and saw an unexpected landscape –
where the slow dancing clouds played shapes with the distant mountains,
the river unknowingly glared them with a blur –
with some birds singing an occasional happy tune.




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