Polo – The King of Sports!

Polo is a team sport and a first look says it’s a hockey played on a horseback.

A polo match is played between two teams and each team has four players.
It’s field is the largest of organized sports—sizing almost up to
nine football fields (300×160 yards)! It’s interesting to know that
players cannot play left-handed. Players hit a white plastic ball
with a long handled mallet and shoot towards the target posts.
The players take break ‘period’ and switch their polo ponies
because it’s played with high intensity and enormous speed.

A modern popular variant of the game is ‘Arena Polo’
which can be played indoors and on smaller fields.
There are also other variants like camel polo,
elephant polo, yak polo, canoe polo, cycle polo,
golfcart polo…etc.

The Govt-owned Ghantoot Racing And Polo Club in Abu Dhabi,
in the start of April’11 hosted the major Polo event in the region–
“HH President of the UAE Polo Cup 2011” with an invitation to the public,
absolutely free of cost! (It used to be reserved for
exclusive private audiences). This invite publicized in
the local magazine Abu Dhabi Week.

I made sure I’m there on time because I knew
it’s going to be a action-packed day, and
more than that I was pretty curious!
Here are my shots:

Polo pic1-The welcome show

Young Emaratis on ponies! It was certainly a warm welcome
after some waiting! Crowds cheered!

Polo pic2

Polo pic3

It was the Grand Final–team Ghantoot Vs team ADCB (Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank).
Teams consisted of accomplished Argentine and local Emarati players.

Polo pic4

Polo pic5

Polo pic6

Polo pic7

It seemed very difficult and a lot of effort to control
a small ball on a horseback. This guy didn’t fall there! (pic7)
I again thought about all of the energy spent on that simple ball.

Polo pic8

Polo pic9

Polo pic10

At last a bit of panning technique on the photo!



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