Silence with Kingfisher

It’s the common Kingfisher or small blue Kingfisher.
A shy bird. Sparrow-sized, usually living in and
around Eurasia & North Africa. They have a long bill,
distinguished bright blue top with a white lining and
bottom with orange feathers. They are usually resident
but very few types migrate where rivers freeze in winter.

This is their usual pose, but they make sure they sit 
a few inches/feet above a pond or river for,
their keen eyes should do the work (eyes are visually
adapted to catch glimpse of the prey under water).
When found, it’s an instant instinct—they dive,
and swallow the victim head first! However they fear predators—
domestic cats and rats. But they live 5-7 years.

That day I was on a photo hunt in natural coastal village of
Kadalundi, Kerala, South India, where I spotted this kingfisher.
It was quiet and still the first two minutes,
allowed me to shoot pics, but then disappeared.

Small Blue KingfisherThis is posted to Wordless Wednesday too.


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