Horizon from Mini Ooty

“There’s a place called Mini-Ooty. Not far”. My cousin plainly told me when I asked for a nice place nearby. We set out quick… Trailing just around 9 kms from Malappuram (Kerala, South India) towards Kozhikode, is a suburb called Aravankara, which has a fine road route to the hills of Arimbra Mala, a.k.a. Mini Ooty. We […]

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Rocks Wrapped in Clouds

This was a sight that knocked me off. I was shocked with excitement and wonder, almost in a delirium. It was the first view of the Himalayan mountain ranges! Delicately wrapped in clouds, these bluish ice rocks cast intoxicating looks. For the first few moments, I found another me, a pure version, has awakened from […]

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Towards Himalayas

The Himalayas never fails to amaze me. It generously offers varied and beautiful landscapes, carpeted with moss-green grasses blooming those little yellow and lavender flowers, along with the horses that pictorially chirruping in the backdrop of the majestic Mounts. The whole scene was musically decorated with a gentle wind that embraced its brown soft manes… or was that […]

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Valley of Vultures

Himalayan Vultures (or Himalayan Griffon Vultures) look bold and brave. Eaters of the dead.  They are  birds of prey, have acute eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills.   They feed on carcass (dead body) of animals and thus they are well known wild scavengers. Sometimes, it’s possible to spot 6 or more different species of vultures around […]

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Sunday Stills: Vanishing Points

Long roads are good example for illustrating illusion of vanishing points. It’s the perspective vision that apparently makes a deceptive impression of reality, which sometimes occur to us like vanishing points. A countryside lone road in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, South India: An outskirt road in the desert in Abu Dhabi, whose only company is the low-flying […]

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Wordless, Not Weedless

Morning mist in the hills have not faded yet, while the eastern wind carefully caressed the otherwise unattractive weeds, which altogether made the scene colorful. Weeds flowering on roofs of an old house, Ooty, South India: For more shots, visit Wordless Wednesday.

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A Stop to Smell the Roses…

Along came the wind with a celestial smell of roses… that was the time I reflected ‘it’s been long since I stopped to smell roses’! Its intoxicating aroma in that frosty morning took hold of me… It seemed such youthful and enigmatic aquaintance from yesteryear. Its mystical fragrance, though in fragments, was an exquisite delight […]

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