Sunday Stills: Water Droplets

A bug quenching thirst

I now look in the perspective of that bug quenching its thirst.
The water is in the shape of a round ball, the size of its head,
and the ball stands still in that steep slope of the leaf! 

Flower name: Mosanta

Mosanta flower is usually an unnoticed beauty not uncommon in gardens of Kerala, South India.
I’m stunned at its pink petals which feels almost like a leaf but in bright pink color.
And equally soothing is the smile of the fat but tiny yellow flower as a complement.

Flowing in drops

Falling water looks like a line of water to human eyes. But a faster shutter of the camera
shows us the real shape of that fall—shapeless globules that continuously deforms in true acceptance
to the forces of nature—gravity or air pressure.

Drops splattering

We have all watched splattering water. See this shot—a full grown droplet
is on a head-on collision to a surface, and soon that drop too will be split and sprinkled
into a hundred or more minuscule droplets and fly away in frenzy.
And the drop’s life is over… But, who cares to spend time on micro drops anyway?

This post is a response to Sunday Stills Challenge. For more Droplets shots, check in here.


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