A Stop to Smell the Roses…

Along came the wind with a celestial smell of roses…
that was the time I reflected ‘it’s been long since I
stopped to smell roses’! Its intoxicating aroma in that
frosty morning took hold of me… It seemed such youthful
and enigmatic aquaintance from yesteryear. Its mystical
fragrance, though in fragments, was an exquisite delight
to my senses! No doubt, why the spotless roses were a
classic symbol of beauty and everlasting love.

These are few shots taken from Nilgiris—the Queen of Hills—a famous hill station in South India.
It’s popular name is Ooty; it’s also called as Udhagamandalam in the local Tamil language.
The Govt. Rose Garden Ooty houses one of the largest collection of roses in India – around 20,000
varieties or more, in peak flowering season. (Can you believe that!)

Though I visited there in the off-season December (it’s not a flowering season in winter),
I was completely tired of taking pictures of roses from morning till noon (Thanks to my
reliable and patient cousin bro).

I tried to make a different mood for each of the rose photos:





For more macro shots, visit Macro Monday.


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