Sunday Stills: Vanishing Points

Long roads are good example for illustrating illusion of vanishing points.
It’s the perspective vision that apparently makes a deceptive impression of reality,
which sometimes occur to us like vanishing points.

A countryside lone road in Thiruvananthapuram district of Kerala, South India:

Vanishing road into the trees, under the clouds

An outskirt road in the desert in Abu Dhabi, whose only company is the low-flying sand,
brushing with the desert winds of the Middle East Gulf, and occasional vehicles passing over it:

Vanishing road in the desert

A sea-line from the height of the lighthouse in Kovalam, Kerala, South India,
also makes a series of infinite vanishing points, in a line over the vast Indian Ocean:
Vanishing sea lineFor more vanishing points, do visit Sunday Stills.



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