Valley of Vultures

Himalayan Vultures (or Himalayan Griffon Vultures) look bold and brave. Eaters of the dead. 
They are  birds of prey, have acute eyesight, muscular legs and sharp bills.  
They feed on carcass (dead body) of animals and thus they are well known wild scavengers.
Sometimes, it’s possible to spot 6 or more different species of vultures around
a good prized meal, all devouring in frenzy.

While I slowly climbed the never-ending winding roads of the Himalayan ranges,
through the Rhotang Pass, on wheels, at times I did search for an existence of life
because the farther I went, I found diminishing life forms. In one instant, I heard
a sudden quarrel-like-chatter of the birds on the left—found these wild scavengers,
twenty or more, on the edge of the mountain valley. Some of them were idle, some were
befriending others, some looked like leaders, and some others were disturbing the rest.
Yes, this is the abode of these large birds, in the high-altitude mountains,
where life partially ceases to exist (why, even the air is thin there!).

A flock of Himalayan Vultures

Himalayan Vultures

Himalayan Vulture stretching wings

Proud Vulture and the timid Crow(Entered for Wordless Wednesday)


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