Towards Himalayas

The Himalayas never fails to amaze me. It generously offers varied and beautiful landscapes,
carpeted with moss-green grasses blooming those little yellow and lavender flowers,
along with the horses that pictorially chirruping in the backdrop of the majestic Mounts.
The whole scene was musically decorated with a gentle wind that embraced its brown soft manes…
or was that breeze -the breath of the Himalayas? I’m in doubt.

Silent horses near Himalayas

It looked like a hundred freakish hands stretched out begging for help—a silent yell for life.
But who will listen? The clouds? or the mountain stream?

Skeleton of a tree

Finding joy in paragliding—it’s an attitude that wants to feel the air
away from mountains but near the clouds, is it not?

Paragliding between the clouds

This post is also entered for Sunday Stills challenge: Focusing on the Foreground. For more such shots, check in here.


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