Royal Treat: The Taj Mahal

One of the seven wonders of the World. The pride of India. The Taj Mahal. This beautiful white historical monument regally stands high and bright—since 1648 (i.e. 360+ years passed by now). Best materials from around the world were imported. Best artisans were brought. Around 20 years of construction… History says that a thousand elephants […]

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Bokeh Fever

Bokeh is the blur, or the aesthetic quality of blur in an image (‘Bokeh’ is derived from Japanese, meaning dizziness). Basically it’s an image with off-focus points of light. It’s seen as a ‘blur circle’ or an illuminated disc on an off-focus image. But sometimes I feel it’s another over- sharp lights in an image. […]

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Shape of Sunshine

New rays arise from the Sun every flash of a second, spreading and enveloping all around the light ball. The center of the rays is a heavy brilliance of whiteness, of energy, of liberty, of power, strength and beauty. Deep below, the waters always echo with full of glitters. A shot from a suburb of Dubai: See more […]

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Kadalundi River

Often ornamented in lyrics of (g)olden classic songs of Malayalam movies, Kadalundi river sat at a height in the minds of artists of those times. It’s an important water nerve flowing through the district of Malappuram, Kerala, South India. This wide sight from the Kadalundi bridge marks the end of the river. After this point (towards the […]

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Color Cubes

I’m sure you have laid your hands on one of such cubes. The Rubik’s cube is a time-killer if you blindly twist and twirl, but an unstoppable addiction if you try to solve one. This was invented in ’77 and, by ’82 it became so very popular that one out of every three American home […]

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Portrait of a Crab

I feel crabs are exciting variety of species in its diverse form and complex character. Some having its teeth conveniently placed in stomach, and the ability to regenerate a lost claw are an edge for real! Most of them are not short of style either—they walk only sideways (there is even a derived word—crabwise) ! Remember […]

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The Same Moon

The same Moon. Earth’s own natural satellite and closest companion. It is the brightest object in the sky after the Sun. When we look at it, the Moon apparently appears to have the same size of the Sun. That makes it precisely aligned during Solar eclipses! Wonder eh? Talking of size, our Moon is quarter […]

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Sort-of-a potluck—Do you see a ‘Good Morning’ or ‘Welcome’ ?  ;) For more Potluck shots, click Sunday Stills.

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Delight from the Darkness

Fire was one of our ancestors’ first discoveries. All fires start with ignition. It’s another chemical reaction when the trio— oxygen, fuel and heat—team up together simultaneously, forming ignition and, with a flare the fire is born. Slow fire flames are interesting to watch. Interesting to photograph. But not so interesting to see that the dancing flames […]

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