They move about and change shapes all the time (Well, do they own any shape at all?!)

A visible form of fine water droplets (when cold enough, ice crystals) suspended in the atmosphere,
some miles above the sea level. These particles are so small that they continue to float with the surrounding air.
(No other choice because the mass of the air is much higher than the mass of these minuscules.) 
That’s what clouds are, in general.

Clouds make the sky look artistic with all the varied patterns and designs. A kind of decorating or painting the sky.
I believe clouds have been a subject of art, creativity and nature’s beauty since the first human looked through
his art-glasses. They make striking presence at sunrise and sunsets. It appear in many forms or rather formless.
It can be very beautiful and pleasing. It’s also seen blazing and roaring with anger—heavy, dark and thick.
It’s sometimes just plain and simple.

Though it appears beautiful and pleasing, we cannot forget that they do an essential function in Water cycle, that help sustain life on Earth.

Do clouds try to convey a hidden message? Is it some form of communication of the elevated spirits towards the humans? I have thought about it.


Clouds during sunset1

Clouds during sunset2

The last two photos were taken from Veli, a coastal tip of Kerala, South India.
Would it be any calmer than this?

Entered for Skywatch Friday challenge.


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