Delight from the Darkness

Fire was one of our ancestors’ first discoveries. All fires start with ignition. It’s another chemical reaction when the trio—
oxygen, fuel and heat—team up together simultaneously, forming ignition and, with a flare the fire is born.

Slow fire flames are interesting to watch. Interesting to photograph. But not so interesting to see that
the dancing flames devour slowly on the thing it’s clasped on… It burns.

Well, do you know that fire is affected by gravity? On the ground, this whirling glowing gas looks yellow
and takes the shape of rising hot air with loose flanks. Take it to a spacecraft and see how it looks.
Er… Studies has shown that the flame is spherical and blue in a zone of zero gravity.

Rage of fire

Ripples from fire?

Delight from the darkness

The last photo was shot from my home in Kerala, South India. It used to be just another dim evening.
Almost dark. I had nothing much to do, I fixed my camera on a tripod and made some stills. That night-shot experiments
gave me dramatic results. In fact I felt a pretty extraordinary late evening with super streaks moving on the road.
Added to this scene was the lights from neighbouring homes and the patterned blue of the sky.

It was a delight from the darkness!

For more after-dark shots, visit Sunday Stills.


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