Color Cubes

I’m sure you have laid your hands on one of such cubes. The Rubik’s cube is a time-killer if you blindly twist and
twirl, but an unstoppable addiction if you try to solve one. This was invented in ’77 and, by ’82 it became so very
popular that one out of every three American home had a Rubik’s cube.

I bought this 2x2x2 cube hoping that fewer cubes might reduce its complexity. Well, I never neared a complete solution
yet! (I have heard that 3x3x3 cube is easier to solve). I still remember a close relative of mine and I, twisting and
turning this magic cube for hours through the length of the night, finally startled by seeing fresh morning sun rays, we
threw it to a corner with harsh murmur over all the unsuccessful attempts, lost sleep and the time it eaten up and
absolutely no result! Have you ever solved it?

Color cubes

Visit Macro Monday for more macro shots.


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