A Fleet of Flights

Shot from Al Ain Aerobatic show, Feb 2011. Various flights showcased their stellar performance for hours in the clearest skies of Al Ain, UAE, perfect for air shows. Participating in this week’s Skywatch Friday.

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Quiet Valleys

Valleys of the gigantic Himalayas appear quiet… The rocks might look scattered and littered. The mountain streams might seem disturbed and distorted. But they altogether mingles and adds a quiet charm and beauty—that which you can get lost in! Views from the mountain roads near Rhotang Pass: Linking with Wordless Wednesday.

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Wayanad Mountains

Nestled among the lofty mountains of Western Ghats, Wayanad opens a fresh view of pure nature, of Kerala, South India. In it there are numerous folds of mountains, thick with evergreen forest trees and who knows what all animals live there! Participating in this week’s Skywatch Friday.

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Rose Smile

Roses are a great icon among flowers. It’s one of the favorite flower of the humans. Serving a great symbol of romantic impression for ages, roses are a mark of distinct beauty of the nature, and a treat for our senses. This is a classic rose, shot from Ooty, South India: Linking to Sunday Stills.

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