Lakeshore in Wayanad

A reflection is much pleasing for our eyes. It makes a slightly different perspective of the actual scene, and that is because of the physics of light (Optics). In nature, this is usually seen with water, like the one here: For more spectacular sky shots check out Skywatch Friday site.

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Blushing Rose

What is wrapped carefully in those tender petals, beneath its secret layers, within the rosy inner silence? Is it the fragrant blush of a rose? Joining with Macro Monday group.

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Machine Birds

They roar to their heart’s content. They swallow loads of oil. They spit thick fumes. They go in groups. Some go alone. They fly at supersonic speeds… They are machine birds. All shot @ Al Ain Aerobatic show 2011. Linking with this week’s Sunday Stills challenge.

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Chinese Lantern

‘Abutilon’ is a large genus or class of approximately 150 species of flowering evergreen shrubs having dark green foliage. This generic name is derived from the Arabic word ‘Abu Tilon’. It’s commonly called as flowering maple (because it’s leaves resemble maple leaf). It’s flower has other interesting names—Chinese Bell flower and Chinese Lantern. It attracts […]

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I found a corner

The giant grasshopper was resting still, gripped to the corners of a painted brick wall. It had no skin-charm of exquisite colors. Strangely, it looked like made of dry leaves and brown twigs. But it had eyes. Tentacles. Long legs. And much more inside. Anyways, I guess it tried to fit into that corner there. […]

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They said Monsoon is coming…

A dusted gazebo lie in wait, befriended with a dry and faded lamppost, of charcoal color. They have heard Monsoon is soon coming. They hear a lot such, from pedestrians—strangers and the locals alike. Now they see – the Eastern sky has collected many clouds. Looks like the sky is getting ready for another Monsoon. […]

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