Bitten by a Butterfly

It’s a small butterfly on a rugged baby guava. It’s closed wings are compact and looks like a 3D eye blended on it—a delicate art of nature. It’s surrounded by some minute plants with the tiniest of green leaves I have ever seen, growing on a worn-out red brick. Two other fallen leaves seem to […]

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Inside a Teak Forest

I’m now inside a Teak forest. I take a peek at the peaks of teaks here, and fall back in wonder— about its wilderness and richness, about its green-ness, and about its liveliness… Or rather, the richness and liveliness it imparts on me. The time is noon. But doesn’t look like noon, is it? The […]

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Sand-hills of Al Ain

In the deserts, sands and winds are always in touch. They cuddle and caress each other for almost every day and night and that’s why you see the peak edge of a sand-hill always flying and flowing away, grain-by-grain with the wind. This interplay of force of air on solid grains of sand sometimes makes […]

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Full of Bubbles

It’s full of bubbles here. Very crowded. Give me some space… Is there any space? Linking with this week’s Sunday Stills challenge ‘textures’ and I thought this one would do – a bubbled texture.

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Monsoon River

In Cannoli plot, on the banks of river Chaliyar, Nilambur, Malappuram Dist., South India, during monsoon 2010. Linking with the awesome Skywatch Friday group.

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My Nectar

Is it rose or ruby or crimson or red or orangered or pink or deep pink or brink pink? Which color is it? Linking with Macro Monday and Floral Friday groups.

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Drops of Blood

It’s real blood, but blood of a large fish, dropped on a paper. But, the rhythmic arrangement of it’s edges looked like well placed tiny tentacles all around the drops. It seemed apt for this week’s Sunday stills theme ‘From the heart’. It’s hot. It’s life. It’s bloody. Linking with Sunday Stills.

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Tiny Waters

Water is an amazing liquid, ain’t it? Dew drops on a crimson-colored car on that early morning, at an angle, it looked like this. The water simply added its glow & reflection to the background. The second one is the bubbling water, from a water-fountain having lights underneath. I liked it’s near-gold color. This is […]

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