Inside a Teak Forest

I’m now inside a Teak forest. I take a peek at the peaks of teaks here, and fall back in wonder—
about its wilderness and richness, about its green-ness, and about its liveliness…
Or rather, the richness and liveliness it imparts on me.

The time is noon. But doesn’t look like noon, is it?
The sunlights piercing through green-blankets of innumerous teak leaves—
rarely reach the ground, making a comfortable cooling-effect. The raw smell of the forest and
the clear sound of flowing-river beside the trees, with the occasional bird-songs—
decorated a delighting ambiance to my senses.
I listened… I perceived…

There is another scene of this place which you might have seen here @ Monsoon River

(This Teak forest is actually a Plantation called Conolly’s Plot, in Nilambur, Kerala, South India, by H.V.Conolly. It’s more than 1.5 centuries old, and houses the world’s oldest Teak tree to date.)
Teak forest1Teak forest2Teak forest3The last treeDedicated to this week’s challenge on Sunday Stills “Trees”.


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