Grazing Over the Hills

Hills and lakes, trees and winds, clouds and shadows, sheep and reflections, it’s all there on the hills of Ooty, South India. (Click to enlarge) Participating with this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge. Check out the site for other exciting sky shots.

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Dark Clouds

Those dark clouds, they had really bizarre and horrible beastly features almost like a dark-smoked dragon, trying to eclipse the sun during sunset, when I saw what looked like an aircraft swiftly escaping from it! Participating with this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge. Why not check out some awesome photos of other challengers here.

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A Cloud of Tadpoles

Against the warming evening sun, I was loitering around as ever, when I saw some swift movements underwater, in the dark green natural pool just beside. I was keen on it and saw these staring red-eyed tadpoles messing around— swimming and swaying and playing with the little strange water weeds— a cloud of tadpoles or […]

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5 Products’ Ad Challenge

This challenge was to create five products’ professional adverts with personalized photos in it. It’s just between 4 friends – Nivin, Henry, Shafeel and me. The idea was put forward by Nivin; the challenge was first completed by Henry; Shafeel came up with some rocking ideas; And mine was made in the 11th hour. My […]

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Last of the Flamingos

It’s a rest stop for the migratory Greater Flamingos, in the wetlands lush with mangroves, along the lonely coastal highway of Ajman, UAE. They seem like last of the Flamingos. They look weary. They have landed from a faraway place. Their flock has to fly on their wings to Turkmenistan crossing Iran, and further North […]

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