Mud Path

…Then I turned to a byroad that took me to a mud path, of unspoiled beauty. There nature bloomed green all over—even the Water hyacinths that grew larger than the pond, or the trees with innumerable branches in their most complex shapes, or the trees with simple shapes—like that of the palm trees with their […]

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Pineapple fields of Wayanad

Look at one of nature’s astonishingly perfect curve that is woven with some of the very basic colors in itself, though each bit of color means a bit of sky, a bit of cloud, a bit of leaves, or a bit of earth. Adding to this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge. Visit the page for other […]

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Seeing Salalah

Salalah is a rare primitive natural beauty in the South of Oman. It’s valleys are delightfully fresh and simply air-conditioned, with slow-flowing mist along the edges of mighty mountains. This adorable coastal city overlooks the historic Arabian Sea, and I felt it is a broken tip from South India, as it has a potpourri of […]

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