Local Business

I remember a time when I was frolicking with a friend, in that little coastal town, when the last July sky was clouded at dusk, and coconut palms made their silhouettes against the stark blue sky, I was beside a line of groceries and tea-shops, all lighted up with their own lanterns, this especial toy-shop […]

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The Loneliest Land

Perhaps it’s one of the strangest places on Earth, onward to the largest range of raw mountain peaks—the Himalayan, where even the wind stays still, and makes no attempt to tickle the nerves of leaflets, nor there is any sign of life or movement anywhere there, except for the soft and fluffy white clouds swaying […]

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Desert Sights

It’s stillness there in the deep deserts of Liwa, Abu Dhabi, but it’s not really calm and revitalizing… The fine grains of sand here is always on the move, lifted and carried away by the Middle Eastern dry howling winds. Participating with this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge group. For other challenging shots, visit here.

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