At Sunrise

How often do you take a look at the background even if a subject in a scene grabs all your attention? It’s quite thoughtful sometimes. Here the thin fibrous clouds resembled like an airy cotton pouch for the blazing Sun. It’s so delicate that it looked like either an imaginary ambiance, or a more fanciful […]

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Hatta Horizon

An unusual thought takes shape, looking at the sharp pointed edges of those barren mounts: Are they trying to pierce the Sun? A Sun that emits bountiful radiant energy in overflowing abundance, and tries to embrace the panorama with its sunshine blanket, though it ultimately surrenders to a blue-violet sky… Shot @ Hatta, UAE Joining […]

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Laughing Dove

That is just the bird’s name (also known as Senegal Dove and Little Brown Dove). It looks quite inquisitive, with eyes of mystery-black color, which makes it even more curious. Black spotting on its throat, and in general it has a color of brown dust, well suited for a desert-themed-weather. But I don’t think it […]

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Spider Domain

A snare – carefully crafted with slender silky strands, looks so tender that it can flow in-tune with a breeze; it’s a patterned web that can sense even the slightest movement; partly invisible and delicate, but dangerous, with a spider at it’s center, in total control of its domain. Shot from Kerala, India: Joining with […]

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Some trees have very queer looks; imagine it—like roots up in the air— with leaves that breathe and flourish, forming a green net through the blue of the sky, or, like strong, hard and dark nerves ending in a pile of lush leaves… Mysterious. Have you ever felt them that way? Shots from Kerala, India […]

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A Lively Lighthouse Beach

A rejoicing sight it is, to see a lively cluster of coconut palms, waving its hundreds of leaves, each glittering green on a sunny day, when the dodger-blue sky is filled thick with white clouds. Add to the scene—a high standing lighthouse tower, surrounded by soft mineral-grey sandy beach and a seascape. Shot @ Kovalam, […]

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The Shoot Down

There, is a true photographer at his ease, making up his world of photographs, in his own photo-experiments at his desire, in his own freedom, his legs deep-rooted in the sands, and caressing and balancing the mild desert winds, on top of a sand-hill, trying for his best shot— of that calm and warm sunset […]

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Purple Shadow

It was the glare or the blur of the scene that relayed through the narrow gaps between those buds which seemed like music bells to me, the purple shadow on that beautiful flower still remains fresh in my mind. Joining with this week’s Macro Monday.

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