The Shoot Down

There, is a true photographer at his ease,
making up his world of photographs,
in his own photo-experiments at his desire,
in his own freedom, his legs deep-rooted in the sands,
and caressing and balancing the mild desert winds,
on top of a sand-hill, trying for his best shot—
of that calm and warm sunset through the orange-red slit of the clouds,
totally unaware of time and space … just enjoying his shoot.
Photographer in his freedom– – – – –

Another photographer rocking on the rocky shore:
Photographer in his freedom2– – – – –

Trying hard shots in the harsh summer sun on a desert road:
Photographer in the Sun– – – – –

::Period:: At times, a reflection of the self is all what is needed,
to bring the the thoughts back to the real world ;) (ha ha)
Reflection of the self
This is a photo-challenge between four close friends—Nivin, Henry & Shafeel and myself.
And the theme? “Shoot down the photographer”.

(This is the second of our challenge. You can find the first one here)

Also joining with this week’s Thursday meme theme “Inspiring things”.


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