A Lively Lighthouse Beach

A rejoicing sight it is, to see a lively cluster of coconut palms,
waving its hundreds of leaves, each glittering green on a sunny day,
when the dodger-blue sky is filled thick with white clouds.
Add to the scene—a high standing lighthouse tower,
surrounded by soft mineral-grey sandy beach and a seascape.

Shot @ Kovalam, Kerala, India:
The Lighthouse beach– – – – –

View from top of the lighthouse:
Beach view from top of Lighthouse
Participating with this week’s Skywatch Friday photo-challenge group.

8 thoughts on “A Lively Lighthouse Beach

  1. Lovely scenes, Firasz: a lighthouse that could be in England, and then those beautiful palm trees and the warm Indian Ocean. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog. I enjoyed your previous post too: whether photographers or any other person passionate about and engrossed in a hobby, it’s always good to see someone lost in what they love.


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