A Sea of Sand

Even as I drive speedy through these empty roads, I think about the people in history who endured journey on camels–ships of the desert, for miles and miles over the endless— dusty, dreary and lifeless dunes, so weary, at last to realize their dreams. Shot @ Liwa, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Adding to this week’s Skywatch […]

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Fresh Sprout

A plant-bud is actually in a nature’s cradle, having all comfort it needs for its growth; like this little banana plant happily sprouting in a fertile bistre-brown soil, absorbing warm sunshine and water, playing photosynthesis! Adding to this week’s Thursday photography challenge “Growing”.

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Eid Mubarak!

What glorious moments they were, when the lights made a celebration in that moonless night, stealing all glances, for such a spectacular display; The Grand Mosque beamed with brilliance! Eid Mubarak!

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Rocky Tower

A rock hill in the shape of a tower with fitful and flourishing green skin! Shot @ Himachal Pradesh, India: Adding to this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge group.

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March and Salute

Remembering India’s Independence Day – August 15. Jai Hind! (This is a sample image and does not represent India, Indians or the flag of India) Adding to this week’s Wordless Wednesday photography challenge.

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Natural Stripes

Here the air forgets about a rain shower or the healing fragrance of a flower; but it reminds itself of the art on the sands: sometimes like dry waves, or modern stripes, or drawing a perpetual natural pattern. Shot @ Liwa, Abu Dhabi, UAE. Participating with this week’s Skywatch Friday challenge group. Click to see […]

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A complete stranger on the street. He appeared to be a contented personality, with the frankness of an ordinary Asian. Greeted me with a minute glint of a hopeful smile. – – – This post dedicates to the 3rd photo challenge with our photo buddies. The theme is “Street Photography – Perfect Portrait”. Rest of […]

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Calmness at Lakefront

Standing on a green-carpet shore, I feel I’m nearing calmness— by the sight of its naturally beautified scene with horses browsing in the background, by the smell of its breeze that carries freshness of mist and the sweetness of flowers, by the sense of actually being there, in such a picturesque landscape, far away from […]

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