Inspiration of the Birds

Are the birds cheering up the flyer or are they awing with inspiration…? If only one knows what goes inside a bird’s mind ! Teaming with this week’s Sunday Stills themed-photography challenge for “What inspires you?” Click to visit other bloggers’ shots.

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Along a Cliff-Road

Moving along the edge of a cliff-road in North India, waiting to see the next surprise, although, surprises and astonishments are so common for any traveler in those passages, a whole new view of a mountain skyline of the Himalayas stretched out in our front, under the shade of crowded clouds-that allowed just enough sunlight […]

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The Orange Dragonfly

What a brilliant design! It’s light in weight and aerodynamic. It’s been an inspiration to man, to build flying machines – remember a helicopter (Biomimetics). Let me share a few facts: Dragonflies are expert fliers. They can fly straight up & down, and hover like a helicopter. They only eat their prey they catch-while flying. […]

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Ajman Sunset

I once walked on a sandy path beside the main street in the Province of Ajman, feeling the refreshing warmth of an evening shore breeze, my skin breathing it, I turned left and there was this weekend sunset, just like beginning-to-burn. Joining with this week’s Skywatch Friday photography challenge group.

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Wild Path

When everything goes wild around you, would you feel you are alone? Or, would you just enjoy that wilderness? Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills themed photography challenge for ‘On the road‘. Click to see other bloggers’ shots on the theme.

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Turkish Outrace

It all pays to the accuracy of performance, with uniformity of a standard, perfected with practice, in-lined with high-spirited team-play and the fusion of attitude and courage, to exhibit a such a spectacular display of stunts in the air, so close to each other; yet some outrace the other. Team Turkey at Al Ain Aerobatic […]

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Breezy by the Sea-side

Unlike other sunset times the days before, today’s skies looked passionately colored on the clouds. The weather is determined for a change, and standing right here, in Abu Dhabi Corniche, I can feel that! Joining with this week’s Wordless Wednesday photo challenge group.

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