Inspiration of the Birds

Are the birds cheering up the flyer or
are they awing with inspiration…?
If only one knows what goes inside a bird’s mind !
Inspiration of the BirdsTeaming with this week’s Sunday Stills themed-photography challenge for “What inspires you?”
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12 thoughts on “Inspiration of the Birds

  1. It’s been too long that I miss from your blog and I was missing some masterpieces like this one. It ‘amazing! The composition is perfect. Great photo, really!


  2. I LOVE this incredible photo!! I think the bird on the far left looks like a youngster, hollering for his breakfast! But to me, they look like they’re cheering for the incoming bird, happy to see him (or her!)
    What inspires me? Nature, our animal friends – and amazing photos like this one! It’s outstanding!


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