Light at the End of the Tunnel

I stopped abrupt, seeing this artful walk-path with a glassy floor. It’s but a normal pedestrian walkway beneath a modern highway road, Now it’s like a deserted corridor, and I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Caught some shots before I disturbed walking into it–right through its center… A corridor to […]

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New Clouds in Town

They arrive in the best climate – winter, and hover over, uplifting the the mood of even a desert-land, and it’s people, for, they don’t have such sights for rest of the year. It brings great feelings along with chilled breeze, when their skins are longing for cozy natural wind; Enough of the conditioned air […]

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Texture Mixture

Islamic architectural art: Veins of a leaf: Skeleton of an eaten leaf: Wrinkles of pain and time on a wood: Green network: Pure hay: Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography challenge for theme “Textures”. Do visit other fellow bloggers and photographers here. Cheers )

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Here is Tranquility…

I re-discovered tranquility as I passed by the river-shores of Kerala… What a serene, soothing and fulfilling sight to my mind and senses! It’s simplistic scene with minimal colors to delight any mind, with a train of trees that makes a curvy bend at the far end, on either side of that calmest river, without […]

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The Sun Will Come Back

The Sun moves on… dipping into the mountain-bed and the oceans faraway, blanketed by fine flying clouds, forming a tailored shape of an adorable crescent. Everyday these elements of the soul of nature makes spectacular shows–singing gracefully, composing a new jingle, a new melodia; displaying new blends of colors; all perfecting the curves of nature, […]

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Bud Delight

Even the smallest flower of nature has a passion to delight eyes! If not, how can this little flower bud express itself so cutely, almost like a child’s imagination of drawing of the Sun! Posting to this week’s Sunday Stills challenge on theme “Luck”. Click the link to see other aspiring bloggers and photographers. Cheers!

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