Flight Master At Rest

Dragonflies are masters of flight. They can flap each wing up and down, and also rotate forward and backward on an axis.
This flexibility enables them to put on an aerial show like no other insect. Dragonflies can move straight up or down, fly
backwards, stop and hover, and make hairpin turns, at full speed or in slow motion. A dragonfly can fly forward at a
speed of 100 body lengths per second, or up to 30 miles per hour. Scientists at Harvard University used high-speed cameras
to study dragonfly flight. They photographed dragonflies taking flight, catching prey, and returning to a perch, all within
the a time span of just 1-1.5 seconds!

Now, here is a Green Marsh Hawk Dragonfly at rest:
Flight master at restJoining with this week’s photo meme – Camera Critters.
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