Sound Impact

DesertWingz’ next challenge was named Sound Photography, which was a whole new concept to me.
It’s all about propelling something (example: a liquid) using the force of sound.
This is a high-speed photography area, and truly it’s got a sound impact.
It needs a team and teamwork to setup the arrangement—like a studio,
with some contrasting colors, a good speaker/woofer, some music with beats, abundant tropical sunlight etc.

Nivin is the greatest motivation that made this work. He has made a complete album of such an amazing concept.
See his work here – Album – The Paint Job

Henry, shafeel and me made an attempt, and this is how mine looks (I’m just a beginner):

— — —
#1 – The Melancholy and Prayer of Reds:
Sound photo1

— — —
#2 – Blue Joy:
Sound photo2

— — —
#3 – We Stand Up by Orange and Yellow:
Sound photo3

— — —
#4 – The Turquoise Variant:
Sound photo4

— — —
#5 – Mixing Ruby and White:
Sound photo5

— — —
#6 – The Crowd of Blue:
Sound photo6

— — —
#7 – Cherry Reds in Air:
Sound photo7



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