Manali Signature

The mere mention of the spot Manali brings me fresh reflections of tall and beautiful pine trees,
masking the large ice-capped mountains in the backdrop, that shapes borders with skies and-
the pure white clouds… Oh, there are so much there that I couldn’t capture in my frame,
like those lively apple trees beside the roadways, or the valley homes with gardens, farms,
and its lovely people.The whole scenery truly amazes every travel-lovers!


… Then I thought why not add some more photos from Manali !
A mountain-side road beside the endless stretch of mountain-stream overlooking a row of mountains:
Conical forests of Manali. God knows what lives live in it !
Homes beside the road, near the valleys:

Posting with Skywatch Friday photo meme.
Visit the link to see sky-posts from many other photographers and bloggers.



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