A Few Coppers

Well, now a bit of copper story… about copper coins and a very briefed history of the UAE currency-coins.

UAE has seen quite a number of currencies at least for the last 2500 years,
since the days of Greek currency known as ‘Darkham’ which prevailed then–it was during
the era of Alexander the Great. Then Islam spread through Oman and brought Islamic coins
made of gold and silver. Then came French coins of Austrian origin, Ottoman coins, and
Bargash paisa made by the Duke of Zanzibar.

Later the British-Indian Rupee was in use. When India gained its independence on August 15, 1947,
the new government replaced the British-Indian currency with Indian ones.
India allowed UAE and the Gulf countries (Middle East) to use its rupee as the currency,
and UAE continued to use the Indian rupee.

The Gulf Rupee saw reduced value afterwards, which affected adversely on trades and cost of living.
Gulf countries abandoned the Rupee and started using Saudi Riyal and Bahraini Dinar.

After the UAE Federation came into being, the dirham, which is the currency today,
began to be used in the country from May 19, 1973.

A Few Coppers1

A Few Coppers2

A Few Coppers3

A Few Coppers4

A Few Coppers5

A Few Coppers6

A Few Coppers7

A Few Coppers8

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