Enchanting Blooms


How I lie wait for something that carries me away wholly;
I remember having attempted enchanting, with my mystical power colors,
private fragrance… hmmm… and my secret honey…

!! Waking and shaking me from that dream,
a yellow striped bee strikingly flew in with a murmur;
I trembled all over while it juiced to its content…
I thought… what a life it is… But then isn’t this how life is !
Enchanting Blooms2

—– —– —–
Enchanting Blooms1

—– —– —–

A clean blend of crimson and a tint of orange gives it an enticing charm on that bright sunny day.
It’s appealing tentacles stands fashionably, giving an expression of beauty… It’s a Kashmiri flower :-)
Enchanting Blooms3

—– —– —–

Silence is golden, but when my favorite mate comes to me,
I’m entranced by a peculiar feeble rhythm,
It’s the feel of love of our companionship,
A pure joy like the sunshine.
…Here now happiness blossoms, and I bloom for you…
Enchanting Blooms4

—– —– —–

Her alluring radiance signals me in dynamic colors of golden-yellow,
or is it tangerine orange? or yet, coral red?
Enchanting Blooms5

—– —– —–

The romantic red never fails to impress ! Or, rather it’s hypnotic…
It’s layers of redness closely wrapped with in sweetest of fragrances,
Also bundles emotions within, and rare rosy nectar of nature!
Enchanting Blooms6

—– —– —–

An amber blush crossed my restless mind once, and
I found there, a motionless inner silence, a sense of the subtle self.
I see it’s presence within every mind; one has to look and realize it…
I’m contented at this moment and feels so restful…
Enchanting Blooms7
—– —– —–

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