Life in Water

It’s an exquisite world of life underwater,
So very many varied forms and colors that can bewilder from within.
Each beautifully crafted by nature’s creativity and given life;
And they swim in water and live.. in playful groups or single;
In stony, or greenish neighborhoods…
Some emit a special glow; some have rare & marvelous blends of colors,
with ever-innocent eyes,
and flapping fins only to move about to live it’s small life.

Here is a twenty of them:

Life in Water6

Life in Water8

Life in Water11

Life in Water10

Life in Water16

Life in Water20

Balloon Fish:
Life in Water18

Life in Water15

Life in Water17

Life in Water14

Life in Water13

Moorish Idol:
Life in Water19

Life in Water12

Life in Water9

Life in Water7

Life in Water5

Discus / Symphysodon:
Life in Water1

Life in Water4

Life in Water3

Discus / Symphysodon:
Life in Water2

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