It’s Just Peanuts

How wonderfully have our nature enveloped dry fruits—the nuts of the nature.
Here it’s peanuts…mere peanuts… Indulge in it, to open-up a minute world that can fill minds;
I admire it’s protected-shell design in pure wonderment…

Bundles of care it had enjoyed in its infancy and youth;
But it’s ended now. Gone into humans hands. Soon the the shells broke and
the pearl was unmasked. Ha! I say… it’s peanuts… just peanuts !

It's Just Peanuts1

It's Just Peanuts2

It's Just Peanuts3

It's Just Peanuts4

It's Just Peanuts5

It's Just Peanuts6

It's Just Peanuts7

Teaming up with Our world Tuesday


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