Masdar Arch.

Abu Dhabi’s Future Energy Company, i.e. Masdar
It’s a bit of futuristic architecture, different from others.

Its streamlined flowing walls, decorated with honest Islamic designs,
seems like made of stone cakes, allowing easy ventilation.
Some of its roofs–can be opened or closed – a brilliant make.
At some angles they are a great abstract pieces!

It’s powered by renewable energy sources like solar and wind powers.
Its a ‘green city’ and so, very environment friendly.
It’s a bit cooler within Masdar city.
Fuel cars not allowed here, but it has clean-energy vehicles like Podcars.

Official Masdar site @

Another view of Masdar city’s inside: in this previous post.

1.Masdar Arch.1

2.Masdar Arch.2

3.Masdar Arch.3

4.Masdar Arch.4

5.Masdar Arch.5

6.Masdar Arch.6

7.Masdar Arch.7

8.Masdar Arch.8

9.Masdar Arch.9

10.Masdar Arch.10

11.Masdar Arch.11

12.Masdar Arch.12

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