Strolling in the darkness of that night- was a chill on my spine;
the sea beside me looked pitch black and hollow, and it roared endlessly,
the moon did not bother at all -it was only a crescent then,
but it made queer waves and its small reflection over the sea.

We had so much of wind there, the weeds and the trees slowly swayed;
we saw them in the middle of the darkness and they were mysteriously lit up here and there.
to my surprise, our footsteps caused some other multitude of footsteps rapidly,
that of some gazelles or some wild animals out there, -that I could not clearly make out–
in the midst of the faint cries of insects and animals -both near and far.

That strange night remains somewhat a horror in memory, but we did our round!
And I had deliberately turned my cam to shoot monochrome that night.






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