Mammoths of Samburu

Those are part of the largest terrestrial animal living on earth today.
They walk and walk… in herds of family societies,
some young males pick up fights to overthrow his brother, a natural habit.
These 5-6 ton mammoths really make a wild world.

Apart from that there is something with this species that sets them apart.
They can pick up ground waves – a secret world of elephant communication.
Also they have ability to transmit vibrational signals through the ground to herds miles away!
These infrared calls are too low in pitch to be heard by humans.

They are another good example of the incorrect assumption other animals ‘see’ the world as we do.
Remember that like all creatures, humans perceive with limited spectra and sensory modes.

Mammoths of Samburu1

Mammoths of Samburu2

Mammoths of Samburu3

Mammoths of Samburu4

Read more about them here:
Source 1


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