The Great Rift Valley

We rode and rode until midday along the Equator roads. I was in a bit of excitement
as we were fast approaching the East African Rift in Kenya. It is a continuous
geographic trench created by the action of a geologic rift or fault.
This was once called The Great Rift Valley which was considered approx 9600 kms in length,
from Mozambique in south to the Red Sea in the north, cutting the larger
African continent into two, forming one of the largest rift on the face of Earth.

Reaching there we were quite hungry and it was the perfect time
to mix some roasted maize and citrus fruits mixed with salt and chilli powder
and gulp them! And we did that. Looking at us some curious local people tasted our dish,
they almost cried having taken the spicy fruit mix… Aha! So memorable!

The Great Rift Valley1

The Great Rift Valley2

The Great Rift Valley3


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