Masdar Arch.

Abu Dhabi’s Future Energy Company, i.e. Masdar It’s a bit of futuristic architecture, different from others. Its streamlined flowing walls, decorated with honest Islamic designs, seems like made of stone cakes, allowing easy ventilation. Some of its roofs–can be opened or closed – a brilliant make. At some angles they are a great abstract pieces! […]

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New sprouts, new hopes

Imagine of new sprouts…Aren’t they children of the Earth and Sky? Mother Earth nourishes it, and father sky looks upon it, caresses it gently, They both nurture it, and it fosters with new hopes, in the nature’s cradle; Holding on to it’s environmental calling—to grow, to serve, to procreate, The habitat that turned into it’s […]

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Oval Eyes

The animal kingdom has plenty of oval eyes :-) Some are truly captivating, showing a special area of nature, That sharply gazes back on you… Looks from the famous families… The families of great lizards, camels, birds and turtles. Linking with this week’s photo memes— Sunday Stills I heart macro Saturday’s Critters The Photo Gallery […]

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The blanket of ice that spread around valleys and the crushed roads, Some are just like crystals that flicker with flashy lights, Through its ever-curious shapes, in those high-peaks of the Earth… There it’s biting chill always; now there seemed a snowstorm that made a panoramic icing… All over those landscapes—some looking like a perfect […]

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The shines of the water balls shot at my eyes, While I shot them shining with numerous bokehs… Those dewdrops remained at the center of my lens, Looking so pristine, rounded and natural, Over new leaves and fresh flowers in my veranda, Passing a flowery aroma with a nice chill… Participating with this week’s photo-mems: […]

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Shining Sparks

A gloomy evening that day seemed dedicated to calmness after a rain shower. I was walking through the interior avenues of Salala, Soon around the corner some crisp sparks flew in dramatic pace, Behind the scene, lit with an old lantern, was a corn-seller swiftly making business, We shot some perplexed shining rays and here […]

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It’s Just Peanuts

How wonderfully have our nature enveloped dry fruits—the nuts of the nature. Here it’s peanuts…mere peanuts… Indulge in it, to open-up a minute world that can fill minds; I admire it’s protected-shell design in pure wonderment… Bundles of care it had enjoyed in its infancy and youth; But it’s ended now. Gone into humans hands. […]

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Forest Soup

A basket full of vegetables had been cooked to a mixture that day; It had all the real good veggies that delighted the mind and my camera, All perfectly blended to form a nourishing & savoring soup— That moment it sparked inside me, and I called it: Forest Soup. Participating with the following memes: Weekly […]

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A Handful of Seashells

When she held a handful of well-crafted, intricately-designed meticulous pieces of work, Of seashells, which was once the dwellings of strange creatures— even more captivating. It smelt of sea salts and beach sands, touching the nerves of nature somewhere… I remember standing by that Arabian seashore; such a jubilant memorable evening ! It left me […]

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