Quack a Quack

It’s a natural sound, out of a natural shape; a natural pattern, with a natural expression, of natural colors… Sometimes just some quacks, that’s is the order of the day. Some moments from the times we spent at the ducks of Hergiswil…

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Oval Eyes

The animal kingdom has plenty of oval eyes :-) Some are truly captivating, showing a special area of nature, That sharply gazes back on you… Looks from the famous families… The families of great lizards, camels, birds and turtles. Linking with this week’s photo memes— Sunday Stills I heart macro Saturday’s Critters The Photo Gallery […]

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Life in Water

It’s an exquisite world of life underwater, So very many varied forms and colors that can bewilder from within. Each beautifully crafted by nature’s creativity and given life; And they swim in water and live.. in playful groups or single; In stony, or greenish neighborhoods… Some emit a special glow; some have rare & marvelous […]

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A Crown of Feathers

A bird in orange color with black and white wings, and having a slightly long beak. It has a distinctive crown made of feathers. It’s the Hoopoe. It’s also the national bird of Israel. I sighted one of them in Khorfakkan, UAE. Posting with Nature Footsteps meme – NF Winged. Click the link to see […]

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Crabs of Kappad

I was patient in that afternoon to get close to at least one of them. Slowly one emerged, from a rocky hole soaked and beaten by sea waves. Armored crust, multicolored legs with a shining red-lining and claws. Walking determined against smashed sea weeds… creeping and crawling a bit. Joining with this week’s Camera Critters […]

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The Orange Dragonfly

What a brilliant design! It’s light in weight and aerodynamic. It’s been an inspiration to man, to build flying machines – remember a helicopter (Biomimetics). Let me share a few facts: Dragonflies are expert fliers. They can fly straight up & down, and hover like a helicopter. They only eat their prey they catch-while flying. […]

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Ant Command

A small army–of a dozen daring red ants gathered up from nowhere, with all the gears to trap anything they wish, united with courage, teamed with spirit, and cheered with comrades, under an Ant Command, to conquer a lemon! Joining with Lisa Chaos’ Macro Monday through myphotomeme.com. Follow the links to check our other bloggers’ […]

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Calmness at Lakefront

Standing on a green-carpet shore, I feel I’m nearing calmness— by the sight of its naturally beautified scene with horses browsing in the background, by the smell of its breeze that carries freshness of mist and the sweetness of flowers, by the sense of actually being there, in such a picturesque landscape, far away from […]

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Spider Domain

A snare – carefully crafted with slender silky strands, looks so tender that it can flow in-tune with a breeze; it’s a patterned web that can sense even the slightest movement; partly invisible and delicate, but dangerous, with a spider at it’s center, in total control of its domain. Shot from Kerala, India: Joining with […]

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