Masdar Arch.

Abu Dhabi’s Future Energy Company, i.e. Masdar It’s a bit of futuristic architecture, different from others. Its streamlined flowing walls, decorated with honest Islamic designs, seems like made of stone cakes, allowing easy ventilation. Some of its roofs–can be opened or closed – a brilliant make. At some angles they are a great abstract pieces! […]

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Western Rainbow

A warm welcome after a seasoned sprinkled rains in Interlaken, we saw one… We doubted whether it moved, or we moved, or still, it moved us… The first bow I saw in Europe… A western rainbow! Joining with this week’s memes: Sunday Stills Skywatch Friday My town shootout Serendipity is sweet

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In Ghost Town

Have you ever been to a ghost town — a town, long abandoned and left all alone..over centuries ago.? Well, I’ve been to such a place… Three other camera-comrades and I — we set out to the place called Jazirat Al Hamra (Red Island) aka Ghost Town, in the northern part of UAE. Driving through […]

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Light at the End of the Tunnel

I stopped abrupt, seeing this artful walk-path with a glassy floor. It’s but a normal pedestrian walkway beneath a modern highway road, Now it’s like a deserted corridor, and I feel there is light at the end of the tunnel. Caught some shots before I disturbed walking into it–right through its center… A corridor to […]

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Texture Mixture

Islamic architectural art: Veins of a leaf: Skeleton of an eaten leaf: Wrinkles of pain and time on a wood: Green network: Pure hay: Joining with this week’s Sunday Stills photography challenge for theme “Textures”. Do visit other fellow bloggers and photographers here. Cheers )

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Eid Mubarak!

What glorious moments they were, when the lights made a celebration in that moonless night, stealing all glances, for such a spectacular display; The Grand Mosque beamed with brilliance! Eid Mubarak!

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A Lively Lighthouse Beach

A rejoicing sight it is, to see a lively cluster of coconut palms, waving its hundreds of leaves, each glittering green on a sunny day, when the dodger-blue sky is filled thick with white clouds. Add to the scene—a high standing lighthouse tower, surrounded by soft mineral-grey sandy beach and a seascape. Shot @ Kovalam, […]

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I found a corner

The giant grasshopper was resting still, gripped to the corners of a painted brick wall. It had no skin-charm of exquisite colors. Strangely, it looked like made of dry leaves and brown twigs. But it had eyes. Tentacles. Long legs. And much more inside. Anyways, I guess it tried to fit into that corner there. […]

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