Shining Sparks

A gloomy evening that day seemed dedicated to calmness after a rain shower. I was walking through the interior avenues of Salala, Soon around the corner some crisp sparks flew in dramatic pace, Behind the scene, lit with an old lantern, was a corn-seller swiftly making business, We shot some perplexed shining rays and here […]

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Arabian Grace

He has a mark of stern character in outlook, Embedding many other qualities in himself; Must have embraced the basic courtesy of— Respect for elders and kindness to youngsters… Shaped by years of family values and customs, Holding on to centuries-old traditions; His race would have witnessed bright and– Grim realities of life in the […]

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Welcome 2014

As the circle of years revolve round and round, it’s that time of the year– when a year gives its way for the birth of yet another year, when the whole world celebrate this in the hours of this turn in a spectacular display of fire lights to amaze the senses; though it is only […]

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Star Tracks

That holiday we traveled farther and beyond… hundreds of miles… In search of darkness and peace… an escape from lights and sounds… We reached the distant sand dunes of Liwa… felt so welcoming and friendly! All to see the gloomy sky’s pitch black as pitch black, on such an amazingly starry night. It’s a divinely […]

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Pan a shot…

DesertWings buddies got a new challenge – on panning shots at night… Here is mine : ) To see shots from others in this challenge, click the link below: Nivin’s Wollreflections Henry’s blog Shafeel’s blog Cheers : )

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In Ghost Town

Have you ever been to a ghost town — a town, long abandoned and left all alone..over centuries ago.? Well, I’ve been to such a place… Three other camera-comrades and I — we set out to the place called Jazirat Al Hamra (Red Island) aka Ghost Town, in the northern part of UAE. Driving through […]

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Breezy by the Sea-side

Unlike other sunset times the days before, today’s skies looked passionately colored on the clouds. The weather is determined for a change, and standing right here, in Abu Dhabi Corniche, I can feel that! Joining with this week’s Wordless Wednesday photo challenge group.

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Eid Mubarak!

What glorious moments they were, when the lights made a celebration in that moonless night, stealing all glances, for such a spectacular display; The Grand Mosque beamed with brilliance! Eid Mubarak!

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