Quack a Quack

It’s a natural sound, out of a natural shape; a natural pattern, with a natural expression, of natural colors… Sometimes just some quacks, that’s is the order of the day. Some moments from the times we spent at the ducks of Hergiswil…

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A Crown of Feathers

A bird in orange color with black and white wings, and having a slightly long beak. It has a distinctive crown made of feathers. It’s the Hoopoe. It’s also the national bird of Israel. I sighted one of them in Khorfakkan, UAE. Posting with Nature Footsteps meme – NF Winged. Click the link to see […]

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The White Heron

It’s a pleasant sight of a white heron, near a South Indian river shore, under the afternoon Sun, especially when the Heron is not really busy and seems it doesn’t mind the presence of a photographer! joining with this weeks’s Wordless Wednesday & Wordless Wednesday Bloggers photo memes. Click the above given links to visit […]

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Attention, Birds

A few sea-birds were silently standing on one leg, probably staring at the vastness of the Arabian sea, when I lost for a moment, then hid behind them and grabbed a shot. The sea was not silent under the afternoon Sun, but the sand, birds and I were!

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Inspiration of the Birds

Are the birds cheering up the flyer or are they awing with inspiration…? If only one knows what goes inside a bird’s mind ! Teaming with this week’s Sunday Stills themed-photography challenge for “What inspires you?” Click to visit other bloggers’ shots.

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Laughing Dove

That is just the bird’s name (also known as Senegal Dove and Little Brown Dove). It looks quite inquisitive, with eyes of mystery-black color, which makes it even more curious. Black spotting on its throat, and in general it has a color of brown dust, well suited for a desert-themed-weather. But I don’t think it […]

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Last of the Flamingos

It’s a rest stop for the migratory Greater Flamingos, in the wetlands lush with mangroves, along the lonely coastal highway of Ajman, UAE. They seem like last of the Flamingos. They look weary. They have landed from a faraway place. Their flock has to fly on their wings to Turkmenistan crossing Iran, and further North […]

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