Gulmarg Views

Tiring as we climbed Tanmarg, we just went on…over zig-zag roads, Towards Gulmarg. The name fascinated me—what a beautiful name it is; Translating it as simply ‘meadow of flowers’, placed in the Himalayas. A snow-filled hill station, there we saw people for winter-sports, We quietly stepped out to snow and bewildered over the views it […]

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From Dal Lake

Dal lake of Srinagar remains a beautiful memory, There are dozens of other scenes to see the classic Dal Lake, But this ones for now :-) Joining with this week’s photo meme: Skywatch Friday

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Lush Basins

Travelling on the twisting roads and dusty paths on barren mounts, We didn’t realize how fast we gained altitude in the Himalayas… Gone higher and higher, while the terrains changed dramatically. Over the land where clouds made glares, we saw lush and scenic! A vast green basin rested there—with roads like nerves, and Occasional ponds […]

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Rays and Clouds

Shortly after I departed from the Musandam city of Oman, This cloudy spectacle and the afternoon Sun’s rays made a real show, Made me feel they are in a tough fight, as, a volume of rays- Seem to be gushing out of the thickness of the clouds… Or, as well the rays escaping the catch […]

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Manali Signature

The mere mention of the spot Manali brings me fresh reflections of tall and beautiful pine trees, masking the large ice-capped mountains in the backdrop, that shapes borders with skies and- the pure white clouds… Oh, there are so much there that I couldn’t capture in my frame, like those lively apple trees beside the […]

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A Path to the Clouds

A rugged path–winding roads, that never seems to end but the scenes change every hour sometimes you are near the clouds, or beside an icy stream, sometimes on a snow path, or in a snow mountain valley, sometimes it’s all green and flowers, or yet sometimes under stony mountains. Posting with this week’s Skywatch Friday […]

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River View

For today, it’s a river view: I zooomed into the scene from the same spot: Participating with this week’s Weekend Reflections & Scenic Weekends photography challenge. Visit the link to see fellow bloggers and photographers.

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Canoes by the River Bay

It’s another memorable evening almost near sunset, when I walked over a long hanging bridge worthy for a photo-walk; I saw many canoes moored by the river bay, with no boatmen… Participating with this week’s Weekend Reflections photography challenge. Visit the link to see fellow bloggers and photographers.

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New Clouds in Town

They arrive in the best climate – winter, and hover over, uplifting the the mood of even a desert-land, and it’s people, for, they don’t have such sights for rest of the year. It brings great feelings along with chilled breeze, when their skins are longing for cozy natural wind; Enough of the conditioned air […]

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