Star Tracks

That holiday we traveled farther and beyond… hundreds of miles… In search of darkness and peace… an escape from lights and sounds… We reached the distant sand dunes of Liwa… felt so welcoming and friendly! All to see the gloomy sky’s pitch black as pitch black, on such an amazingly starry night. It’s a divinely […]

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The Revelation

The Holy Book of Muslims – the Quran – is believed as a revelation from God (Allah سبحانه و تعالى), and thus this sacred text is highly revered across Muslim communities all over the world. It is widely regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. The language of the Quran has […]

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It’s Smoke

Smoke as an abstract art – this is the next in the challenge-series from DesertWingz buddies. This challenge particularly tests the patience of the photographer’s focusing ability – more certainly if he/she has no proper torch – like me. The arrangement and setup is not difficult. A source of smoke set against a dark background, […]

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Sound Impact

DesertWingz’ next challenge was named Sound Photography, which was a whole new concept to me. It’s all about propelling something (example: a liquid) using the force of sound. This is a high-speed photography area, and truly it’s got a sound impact. It needs a team and teamwork to setup the arrangement—like a studio, with some […]

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Pan a shot…

DesertWings buddies got a new challenge – on panning shots at night… Here is mine : ) To see shots from others in this challenge, click the link below: Nivin’s Wollreflections Henry’s blog Shafeel’s blog Cheers : )

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A complete stranger on the street. He appeared to be a contented personality, with the frankness of an ordinary Asian. Greeted me with a minute glint of a hopeful smile. – – – This post dedicates to the 3rd photo challenge with our photo buddies. The theme is “Street Photography – Perfect Portrait”. Rest of […]

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The Shoot Down

There, is a true photographer at his ease, making up his world of photographs, in his own photo-experiments at his desire, in his own freedom, his legs deep-rooted in the sands, and caressing and balancing the mild desert winds, on top of a sand-hill, trying for his best shot— of that calm and warm sunset […]

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5 Products’ Ad Challenge

This challenge was to create five products’ professional adverts with personalized photos in it. It’s just between 4 friends – Nivin, Henry, Shafeel and me. The idea was put forward by Nivin; the challenge was first completed by Henry; Shafeel came up with some rocking ideas; And mine was made in the 11th hour. My […]

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