Unfolding Scents

They’re enveloped in tender petals, Unfolding scents every minute; Buds, we call them; they flower To resplendent beauty That lasts but few hours… Joining with this week’s photo meme: Monday mellow yellow glasklar undkunterbunt Our world tuesday P52 Sweet shot tuesday

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Enchanting Blooms

One How I lie wait for something that carries me away wholly; I remember having attempted enchanting, with my mystical power colors, private fragrance… hmmm… and my secret honey… !! Waking and shaking me from that dream, a yellow striped bee strikingly flew in with a murmur; I trembled all over while it juiced to […]

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Bright Blooms

Times with bright and fragrant blooms makes lasting marks in my mind. They are petals of happiness and freshness, full of nature and life. Nature’s patterns are unique and complex; yet, so beautiful to our senses. Man mimics them onto a commercial product or an art or design, for lucrative benefits, Sometimes leaving behind the […]

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A Lotus Charm

A beautifully shaped colorful flower that emerges itself from water… radiating yellow from the center slowly giving way to diverse shades of violet.. Joining with this week’s Macro Monday & Today’s Flowers photo meme. Click the links to see other bloggers’ photos : )

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Yellowy Flower

Yet another flower with sunglow-yellow petals waiting with a few droplets! Joining with this week’s Floral Friday photo meme. Click the link to see other bloggers’ photos : )

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Posting with this week’s Nature’s Footstep photo meme, Our World Teusday meme and Tina’s PicStory. Clink the links to see shots from other bloggers : )

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