Quack a Quack

It’s a natural sound, out of a natural shape; a natural pattern, with a natural expression, of natural colors… Sometimes just some quacks, that’s is the order of the day. Some moments from the times we spent at the ducks of Hergiswil…

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New sprouts, new hopes

Imagine of new sprouts…Aren’t they children of the Earth and Sky? Mother Earth nourishes it, and father sky looks upon it, caresses it gently, They both nurture it, and it fosters with new hopes, in the nature’s cradle; Holding on to it’s environmental calling—to grow, to serve, to procreate, The habitat that turned into it’s […]

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Oval Eyes

The animal kingdom has plenty of oval eyes :-) Some are truly captivating, showing a special area of nature, That sharply gazes back on you… Looks from the famous families… The families of great lizards, camels, birds and turtles. Linking with this week’s photo memes— Sunday Stills I heart macro Saturday’s Critters The Photo Gallery […]

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From Dal Lake

Dal lake of Srinagar remains a beautiful memory, There are dozens of other scenes to see the classic Dal Lake, But this ones for now :-) Joining with this week’s photo meme: Skywatch Friday

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Forest Soup

A basket full of vegetables had been cooked to a mixture that day; It had all the real good veggies that delighted the mind and my camera, All perfectly blended to form a nourishing & savoring soup— That moment it sparked inside me, and I called it: Forest Soup. Participating with the following memes: Weekly […]

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Arabian Grace

He has a mark of stern character in outlook, Embedding many other qualities in himself; Must have embraced the basic courtesy of— Respect for elders and kindness to youngsters… Shaped by years of family values and customs, Holding on to centuries-old traditions; His race would have witnessed bright and– Grim realities of life in the […]

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A Handful of Seashells

When she held a handful of well-crafted, intricately-designed meticulous pieces of work, Of seashells, which was once the dwellings of strange creatures— even more captivating. It smelt of sea salts and beach sands, touching the nerves of nature somewhere… I remember standing by that Arabian seashore; such a jubilant memorable evening ! It left me […]

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Life in Water

It’s an exquisite world of life underwater, So very many varied forms and colors that can bewilder from within. Each beautifully crafted by nature’s creativity and given life; And they swim in water and live.. in playful groups or single; In stony, or greenish neighborhoods… Some emit a special glow; some have rare & marvelous […]

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Enchanting Blooms

One How I lie wait for something that carries me away wholly; I remember having attempted enchanting, with my mystical power colors, private fragrance… hmmm… and my secret honey… !! Waking and shaking me from that dream, a yellow striped bee strikingly flew in with a murmur; I trembled all over while it juiced to […]

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Bright Blooms

Times with bright and fragrant blooms makes lasting marks in my mind. They are petals of happiness and freshness, full of nature and life. Nature’s patterns are unique and complex; yet, so beautiful to our senses. Man mimics them onto a commercial product or an art or design, for lucrative benefits, Sometimes leaving behind the […]

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