The Coastal Post

A vivid lighthouse standing high on the rocks, among the thick greeny palm trees always wavering to the coastal winds… and seeing the natural-force of tides beating against those ages-old rocks, soaking the pristine grey sands beside, and the water splashes and its plentiful droplets flying around forming a little white aura over the waves… […]

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A Few Coppers

Well, now a bit of copper story… about copper coins and a very briefed history of the UAE currency-coins. UAE has seen quite a number of currencies at least for the last 2500 years, since the days of Greek currency known as ‘Darkham’ which prevailed then–it was during the era of Alexander the Great. Then […]

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The Revelation

The Holy Book of Muslims – the Quran – is believed as a revelation from God (Allah سبحانه و تعالى), and thus this sacred text is highly revered across Muslim communities all over the world. It is widely regarded as the finest piece of literature in the Arabic language. The language of the Quran has […]

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Aged Car

Am old and aged, in the shades of grey, with very basic looks and needs for a vehicle. I don’t travel much nowadays, but I have gone enough in my youth years. I’m taking rest; Occasionally I go to the neighboring towns and villages… That doesn’t mean I’m weak. I may not have modern niceties […]

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In Ghost Town

Have you ever been to a ghost town — a town, long abandoned and left all alone..over centuries ago.? Well, I’ve been to such a place… Three other camera-comrades and I — we set out to the place called Jazirat Al Hamra (Red Island) aka Ghost Town, in the northern part of UAE. Driving through […]

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